Build a Messaging Foundation Crafted for Your Buyers | Interview with Tracy Montour from arbeitsoftware


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At Pathmonk we have been recently exploring the challenges faced with marketing messaging and communication of value propositions. As businesses begin fine-tuning and increasing marketing strategies it is essential that you build a messaging foundation tailored to your buyers. Tracy Montour, marketing director at arbeitsoftware, shared our views as she believes marketing messaging should be a number one priority.

Arbeitsoftware offers solutions for cloud-based dialers, phone systems, and collaboration tools that enable clear and efficient communication. So we weren’t surprised to hear Tracy’s core focus is on communication when it comes to marketing the company. Her small but powerful team has built and set a messaging foundation that influences all future strategies.

With a focus on conversion rate optimization, tailored content, messaging clarity, and buyer analysis, arbeit has seen increased lead generation. As a marketer, Tracy won’t stop and is always on the hunt to innovate and improve. Tracy will continue to experiment and perfect their messaging foundation while working to increase the quality of leads.