Building Trust through Customer Advocacy and Case Studies | Interview with Kelly Davis-Felner from PayIt

Building Trust through Customer Advocacy and Case Studies Interview with Kelly Davis-Felner from PayIt


Imagine a world where government transactions are effortless and efficient. That’s PayIt‘s mission. Kelly Davis-Felner, Chief Marketing Officer dives into their specialization in digital government services and payments. PayIt’s platform aims to provide residents with a user-friendly, Amazon-like experience when interacting with government agencies for services like renewing driver’s licenses, paying taxes, and more. This not only improves the user experience but also helps government agencies operate more efficiently by collecting revenue faster and saving costs. Kelly discusses their target audience, primarily non-technical line of business leaders within government agencies, and their journey of discovering PayIt through relationships, introductions, and events. She also highlights the importance of their website in driving traffic and mentions ongoing efforts to refresh and enhance the site’s user experience, leveraging their strength in customer advocacy and case studies to build trust with potential clients.

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