Capturing the Right Data Points to Understand Website Users | Interview with Neelam Kapadia from fusion180


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When on sales calls or having discussions with potential clients we have the opportunity to define their interests, maintain their engagement, and determine their quality as a lead. However on a website we have less access to this, to gauge the right data points and truly understand the website users. Neelam Kapadia and his team from fusion180 operate a data and technology-driven marketing agency.

As a full-service marketing agency, they strategically align technology with marketing. The team assists their clients with website development but they have noticed a common challenge: capturing the data points to understand who your users are, where they are in their journey and how to continue engagement. Pathmonk is equally focused on leveraging lead data into revenue opportunities.

Neelam discusses the growth of their business and the reason they stand out among the crowd. With organic growth and networking dominating their lead generation the team begins to layer their strategies with thought leadership and a content-driven website. Listen in to hear more about fusion180 and capturing the right data points.