Channel Partnerships as a Growth Solution | Interview with Peter Simeonov from Smart Migrator


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Whoever thought we would be using the word ‘cloud’ in our discussions about IT storage solutions and the future of our data. Traditionally it we would explore the mass of liquid droplets in our schooling and now ‘the cloud’ means so much more. The cloud is an on-demand and readily available solution for computing resources. It is the future as businesses look to the solution for agility, resilience, and innovation.

However, migrating to this highly sought-after solution is challenging and costly. Smart Migrator offers a fully automated cloud migration platform that allows the transition to be simple, fast, and cost-effective. We spoke to Peter Simeonov, the CEO, who is passionate about offering this solution to companies of any size. Peter and his team are working to spread their message and expose the brand as they channel partnerships to increase conversions.

As they combine digital marketing with their partnerships Peter is leveraging limited resources and funds to continue to grow the business and offer a solution that is sorely required in cloud migration. Their website currently plays a supportive role to the team as it highlights and encapsulates their solution. As businesses look to their future of innovation Smart Migrator is looking to provide and showcase it with partnerships and digital marketing.