Continuously Increase Conversions with the Right Insights | Interview with Eric Cunningham from PAAS Advisors


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Saving money is no doubt a smart choice, specifically in these trying and unpredictable times. However, it is an even more pressing issue in order to run a business smartly and efficiently. Perhaps you need to consider your technical spending? How do you know you are receiving the optimal price and how do you gain access to that data? PAAS Advisors will provide you with the data, expertise, and platform to benchmark your technology proposals.

If that wasn’t enticing enough, they are willing to showcase their capabilities with a free benchmark assessment, just to prove that they can assist you with your technology spend. This strategy has seen a great increase in their conversions. Are you offering your potential clients any reassuring-proof? As they aim to increase conversions continuously and target executive-level heads, they have to work to get that buyer-persona onto their educating-website, before captivating them with resources and free assessments.

To increase conversions, Eric Cunningham, the CEO, notes that they need the right data and insights to target specific personas and better their SEO. He is partnering with companies like Pathmonk, wink wink, to improve and increase lead generation and access that all-important executive.