Striking the Balance: A Credible yet Slightly Non-Conformist Website Strategy | Interview with Dejan Nenov from Panaton

Striking the Balance A Credible yet Slightly Non-Conformist Website Strategy Interview with Dejan Nenov from Panaton


Custom software is the key to unlocking tailored solutions for your unique business needs. Panaton helps you build custom software with optimum delivery. We welcomed the Founder and Chairman, Dejan Nenov. Dejan discusses Panaton’s focus on challenging technical projects and how they aim to differentiate themselves from larger organizations by providing custom hardware and internet-scale systems. Panaton serves various industries, including loyalty systems, sales operations, electronic design automation, healthcare, and digital health. Panaton places significant emphasis on the role of their website in their key growth efforts. They view their website as a critical channel for client acquisition, with a strong focus on digital content and a user-friendly experience. They believe that their website should serve as a credible yet slightly non-conformist platform, with a touch of abrasiveness in their messaging. This approach is intended to make them stand out in the crowded digital landscape. Their website is designed not only to attract visitors but also to convert them effectively, generating quality leads. In addition to their website, Panaton values referrals as another crucial client acquisition channel. These strategies, along with their specialization in challenging technical projects and their broad industry expertise, have been key contributors to their growth and success.

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