Dynamic Growth: The Power of Responsive, Proactive, and Adaptable Strategies | Interview with Mina Kozman from Speakap

Dynamic Growth The Power of Responsive, Proactive, and Adaptable Strategies Interview with Mina Kozman from Speakap


In today’s fast-paced business landscape, connecting with your employees is an imperative step toward streamlining efficiency, enhancing the employee experience, and ultimately optimizing your operations. Speakap makes that possible by connecting your frontline and office workforce with a mobile-first employee app; a single source for all your company information. Mina Kozman, Director Demand Generation & Marketing explains that Speakap aims to bridge communication gaps between headquarters and frontline employees in dispersed workforces, emphasizing the use of mobile phones. Speakap’s dynamic growth initiatives are multifaceted, as they employ a combination of customer acquisition channels to expand their presence. Their focus on inbound marketing, bolstered by the creation of thought leadership content, aims to draw prospects to their website where they can find valuable insights and solutions. In addition to this, they capitalize on referrals, benefiting from word-of-mouth recommendations and satisfied customers spreading the word. Furthermore, their outbound efforts, are led by a dedicated sales development team, who actively reach out to potential clients, ensuring a proactive approach to customer acquisition. This mix of channels ensures that Speakap’s growth remains robust, responsive, and adaptable to the ever-evolving demands of the digital workplace sector.

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