Educating Users to Increase Retention on a Website | Interview with Seth Wiener from Amigodata


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The world is fighting the most demanding and toughest battle it has ever witnessed: global warming and climate change. As we face the peak of the challenge, more than ever people are getting involved to fight and educate themselves. Pathmonk received notable incite while talking to Seth Weiner, CEO of Amigodata. They are working to bring awareness to the amount of green-house gases data centers contribute to our environment.

With hardware and software-agnostic tools, Amigodata helps reduce the amount of energy required to operate data centers. Although they offer open-source software and carbon credits to help offset the high costs of this movement, they are working to get more exposure and increase conversions. Education and resources are key to increase retention on their website as they offer the best user experience.

Seth is working towards a noble goal and the team is working hard to change and solve some of the worst offenders in global warming. As they endeavor to develop their website and refine their story, the team focuses on the quality of their information, to ultimately increase retention and gain more high-quality leads