Empowering Varied Audiences with Accessible and Relevant Content | Interview with Bruno Guenka from Jedlix

Empowering Varied Audiences with Accessible and Relevant Content | Interview with Bruno Guenka from Jedlix


The revolution in the world of transportation is unmistakable, and at the forefront of this electrifying transformation stands the rapid rise of electric vehicles (EVs). Jedlix is the leading smart charging service provider for electric vehicles in Europe. Bruno Guenka, Marketing Manager discusses their platform, which optimizes the charging and discharging process of electric vehicles (EVs) at home. Jedlix aims to help drivers charge their EVs at the lowest cost and with renewable energy sources. They take into account factors like energy contracts, solar panels, and user preferences to charge cars during optimal times. Their customers include energy companies, car manufacturers, and charger manufacturers, with the goal of enabling smart charging for their assets. Jedlix attracts customers through their website, social media, and events. The website serves as a central hub for their marketing efforts, offering relevant content for various audiences. Bruno acknowledges the ever-evolving nature of their online presence, continually striving to enhance accessibility to their rich content library, ensuring that valuable insights and solutions are readily accessible to everyone, from energy industry giants to EV enthusiasts eager to embark on their smart charging journey.

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