Generate Inbound Leads by Leveraging Your Company Portfolio | Interview with Vivek Bhide from Emmersive Infotech


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Having access to education is detrimental to the future improvement of our world. Online learning is becoming a very common and sought-after solution, ever more so in the climate of the pandemic. However, maintaining interest and interactions online has opened up more challenges for learning. Emmersive Infotech designs custom knowledge solutions for the new millennial workforce with cutting-edge technologies that enable a personalized user experience.

It was great to listen to the co-founder, Vivek Bhide, who offered us insights into the workings of their business and their own growth channels. As a start-up their focus was on networking, connecting with people they know. As the list ran dry they expand their digital reach.  As the audience made their way to the website, the team optimized the space to generate inbound leads.

With the demand for more information, Vivek and the team turned their focus on the company portfolio. As they work, they have had success with and the trusted relationships developed with clients, Emmersive Infotech has leveraged the company portfolio to generate inbound leads for high-quality conversions.