Have Set Criteria to Qualify High-Quality Leads | Interview with Sophia Story from 3SidedCube


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Chatting to Sophia Story, the co-founder of 3SidedCube, we couldn’t help but picture a ball of passion, perhaps we should say; a cube of passion. Sophia is filled with light and energy as she discusses the expansion of 3SidedCube. They are an app development and digital product company, and that’s it….Well, not quite, in fact, they are so much more and they do so much more. 3SidedCube develops technology for change and their single goal when creating a project is that it must bring a positive social impact, changing lives.

As they offer bespoke software, ultimately very selective in their clientele, 3SidedCube has set criteria to qualify and prioritize potential leads in order to be responsible and create that impact. With so much going on in the world, there is no doubt that we can do with some more positivity. This company is trailblazing into a market that will make some incredible impact in the world.

Their advantage; they are entirely unique in their mission and offer unrivaled case studies to prove it. With their expressionist website showcasing their abilities in the technology and design fields, visitors are in no doubt of what 3SidedCube offers. With these criteria to qualify high-quality leads and the role of the website, they hope to gain more traffic and expand to the United States.