How to nail customer profiles & lead quality I Interview with John Pebbles from Administrate


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In this episode we meet with John Peebles, the CEO of Administrate. John has been growing the company since 2012. Originally John was a developer, switched to executive and now has spent the past 13 years growing healthcare and education technology startups in America and Scotland. 

Administrate is a Software that provides an online training management solutions that allows training departments and training companies to increase course bookings, manage their operations, and deliver e-learning. 

In this interview we put light on the journey that Administrate when through when refocusing their ICP (ideal customer profile) and the pricing as well as pipeline changes that came along with that. John shares how to react when pipeline plummets and also how his team had to rebuilt inbound leads. John is also very transparent  Marketing & Sales alignment through high quality leads after the strategic changes.

Save yourself a lot of headaches and learn from Administrate’s Marketing & Sales experience…