Increase Conversions with Direct Education | Interview with Betsy Ehrenberg from Legacy Concierge


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‘Nothing is certain but death and taxes.’ We know it, we don’t like it and we certainly don’t talk about it enough. Death is a reality we have to acknowledge but before I turn you off from reading, think about it and recognize that it is never too early to plan for life’s uncertainties, even more so in this current climate. As our digital world expands one has to consider what we leave behind in both the physical and digital world.

Legacy Concierge works to secure both your digital assets and identity. With their technology, they aim to assist in this process during a challenging time to ensure loved ones’ wishes are respected and ultimately protected. With direct education and the desire to address the solution, Betsy Ehrenberg aims to continue to increase conversions with an education-based conversion funnel.

With the goal to open up the conversation and plan for the reality, Betsy and her team want to continue to educate on securing our digital assets and hopefully with that awareness, increase conversions. We’re not just talking about our Facebook profiles, but we have to acknowledge that a great deal of what we leave behind is, in fact digital. On that light note; enjoy, live and plan.