Influencers as a Component of a B2B Marketing Funnel | Interview with Lee Mills from Pixly


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‘The best thing about a picture is that it never changes’ We capture images to secure memories, to hold a moment still. There are some who are not only capturing life’s memories but for documentation and data collection too, in some of the world’s hardest-working industries. Pixly is a mobile and desktop tool for collaboration and documentation of on-site visual media. With the ambition to save architects, engineers, and construction teams’ time, Pixly uses artificial intelligence and easy-to-use functionalities for real-time collaboration.

With powerful images and the ability to tag and share, comes powerful data. At Pathmonk we do love influential insights and analytics. We spoke to Lee Mills, the co-founder, and CMO, who provided knowledge on his experiences as a marketer and the unique client channels that Pixly explores. In order to access prospects, you have to get in front of them, with the right content. It was exciting to hear that Pixly has incorporated influencers as a part of their B2B marketing funnel.

We are all aware of influencers on Instagram and we often associate them with cosmetics or clothing lines, however, there is a unique opportunity to use them in your B2B marketing funnel, as a pilot customer. Listen to their feedback and incorporate them into your Omni-channels. For more insights, and an opportunity to save time, on marketing, take a listen to Lee. To save even more time: snap, tag, and share!