Interact & Build Communities around Your Buying Personas | Interview with Antonio Cotroneo from OmniSci


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Big data can be pretty overwhelming, hard to structure and visualize. Beyond this, the point of using data is to understand and generate useful and actionable insights. The OmniSci Converged Analytics Platform lets you scale your data and expand your use cases. I still find this all a little mind-boggling but if it looks pretty, I’m in. This platform is here to assist us, basic humans, to get faster, deeper insights and make more data-driven decisions.

The Director of Technical Content Strategy, Antonio Cotroneo joined us today. He explains his role in the industry and the impact this valuable content has on their buying personas. With a broad client base and high-end technology, it is essential to nurture prospects through the sales funnel. Antonio believes that allowing prospects to interact with the platform in a simple and accessible way on their website, has encouraged more engagement and high-quality lead qualification.

By building communities and promoting interactive experiences Antonio and the sales team can engage with their buying personas with more lead-generating approaches. Allowing buying personas to instantly use and discover your platform with ‘free demos’ or ‘trials’ can have a real impact on your final conversions.