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When you’re scanning the internet, looking for your new purchase you cannot avoid the reviews. When your finger is triggering over the ‘proceed to cart‘ button and you see that one bad review, your swayed and influenced on that final purchase decision. Reviews are a reality of any business and they are undeniably helpful in motivating further purchases, however, some of those bad reviews are not always warranted or true, yet they are impacting your business. is here to regulate and assist you with those reviews. The common phrase ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me’ is certainly not true, in this case. With complete transparency offered on their website Objection Co. provides much more; a fast-paced, convenient, and simple website allowing you to get on board with this new way of doing business and evolving your company in legitimate ways.

With AI software and technology will efficiently and effectively dispute unfair reviews. Curtis Boyd, the CEO, noted their unique sales approach: as we scope the internet for new purchases, they scope the internet for bad reviews. With this system, they have created successful lead generation in combination with a fast-paced, convenient and simple website.