A Website’s Journey of Education, Simplification, and Showcase through Customer Stories | Interview with Eric Green from Chain.io

A Website's Journey of Education, Simplification, and Showcase through Customer Stories Interview with Eric Green from Chain.io


The ability to exert control over your data is the foundation for optimizing operations, enhancing collaboration, and ensuring resilience in an ever-evolving global landscape. Chain.io’s platform connects systems so you have better control over the information you need to manage your supply chain. Eric Green, Chief Operating Officer discusses the company’s role in revolutionizing supply chain integration. Chain.io, founded six years ago by Brian Glick, addresses the challenge of integrating software platforms in the freight forwarder community. The company aims to create a common data platform for seamless data translation in the supply chain, catering to freight forwarders, shippers, and technology companies. Eric explains the three main stakeholders they serve and the growth trajectory from freight forwarders to shippers and software companies. Eric highlights Chain.io’s customer acquisition which is through Brian Glick’s thought leadership, the network effect, and traditional marketing strategies. Eric emphasizes the importance of the website, especially customer stories and the solutions page, in showcasing the company’s technical capabilities. Eric Green underscores the website’s role in educating visitors about supply chain intricacies and how Chain.io simplifies these complexities for clients, making data exchange seamless.

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