Leverage the Psychology of a Buyer’s Decision | Interview with Jennifer Anderson-Alonzi from Overhaul


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Supply chain strategies are the anchor of any business organization today. Whether it is multi-faceted or on a smaller scale it has the ability to impact the flow of capital. As one element fails a wave rushes over the remaining operations, causing a ripple effect, impacting the entire network. Overhaul has an innovative approach that ties visibility to risk management. With this hardware-agnostic software, you can proactively protect and optimize your supply chain.

Jennifer Anderson-Alonzi is the VP of marketing and, although new to the company, she is passionate and ready to formalize the growth engine. Not only has she offered us insights into the advantages of this solution but into marketing strategies as a whole. As marketers look to perfect brand visibility she notes the need to leverage the psychology of a buyer’s decision in order to offer an intelligent experience

As there are emotional triggers for each purchasing decision marketers have the opportunity to leverage these insights and influence the buyer’s decisions. Jennifer has walked into a business with ever-growing momentum and an exemplary reputation that she is ready to verticalize the marketing focus. As Jennifer leverages the psychology and emotional insights of her buyer’s journey she is anchoring the growth engine while Overhaul anchors your supply chain.