All Marketing Channels Should be in Alignment for Quality Leads | Interview with John Vuong from Local SEO Search


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Many of us will be familiar with the slogan ‘let your fingers do the walking’, well perhaps not this current generation. John Vuong has witnessed the digital transition in advertising and visibility as he started his career at Yellow Pages. With a passion to help businesses transition to the digital space and support frustrated businesses to expose their brand, he founded Local SEO Search. Local SEO Search provides local search engine marketing that helps increase visibility on Google and brings in new leads and customers with an in-house team of experts.

It was great to listen to John and gain insights from his years of experience in the industry. As it is his profession to understand how users search, he highlights the value of setting the foundations to build strong and trusted relationships with your audience. By ensuring all your marketing channels are in alignment, with consistent content and authenticity you gain quality leads.

John has continued to be transparent in all his discussions with his leads as he knows the building of any business is about the people. As the website is their largest marketing asset, John reiterates the patience that is required when building authority and social proof. By aligning marketing channels and setting those trusted foundations you can begin the journey of brand trust and quality leads.