Mastering Product Messaging & A Lead-Generation Website | Interview with Hannah Conrad from LeanDNA

Mastering Product Messaging & A Lead-Generation Website Interview with Hannah Conrad from LeanDNA


Inventory optimization isn’t just a strategy; it’s a business imperative that empowers you with control over your operations and outcomes. LeanDNA is the leading inventory optimization and execution platform for manufacturers. Hannah Conrad, Content Marketing Manager dives into how LeanDNA uses prescriptive analytics and augmented intelligence to decrease excess inventory, enhance customer on-time delivery, and reduce shortages. The platform is tailored for discrete manufacturers, connecting teams across the supply chain to combat issues caused by silos and manual processes. LeanDNA’s growth marketing efforts are undergoing a transformative shift, with a significant focus on revamping their website to serve as a potent lead generation tool. Recognizing the need to adapt to evolving market dynamics, they are transitioning from traditional outbound strategies to a more impactful inbound approach. By implementing an extensive SEO strategy, refining product messaging, and enhancing user experience, the website becomes a critical step in the success of the customer journey. This strategic overhaul leverages customer feedback, internal surveys, and comprehensive market research to redefine its position within the market, and in doing so, aligns LeanDNA’s digital presence with its commitment to enhancing inventory management and customer service across industries.

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