Match the Post-Click Landing Page to Search Intent | Interview with Hammad Mirza from Insly

Match the Post-Click Landing Page to Search Intent Interview with Hammad Mirza from Insly


Do you know what’s really frustrating? When you try to avoid ads that pop up during your digital browsing but find an ad that is relevant and piques your interest. You click on it and it has nothing to do with the advert. You’re defeated and vow to never make the same mistake. Is this why we’re losing leads and meeting our customer’s expectations? Hammad Mirza, the Global Head of Growth and Marketing believes a landing page that supports, matches, and is appropriate to channels of origin plays a crucial role in the buyer’s journey.

Hammad dives into his perspective on conversion challenges and the inner workings of their industry. Insly is an insurance software platform helping the industry break free from the dark ages and meet the rest of the digital world. Insly provides extensible software solutions that can be combined with custom modules to both simplify and completely automate all tasks required to run a successful insurance business. Get more insight from Hammad!

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