Navigating Growth & Online Excellence through Data-Driven Insights | Interview with Dimitra Eleftheriou from LAIIER

Navigating Growth & Online Excellence through Data-Driven Insights Interview with Dimitra Eleftheriou from LAIIER


Elevating buildings to be smarter and safer isn’t just about technology – it’s about ensuring occupant well-being too. LAIIER and its smart technology help you monitor and protect your buildings. Dimitra Eleftheriou, Lead Digital Marketing & Growth Manager joins us to discuss this technology startup specializing in water leak detection for smart buildings. LAIIER’s main focus is on providing easy-to-install sensors and technology that benefits facilities managers, system integrators, and insurance managers. Dimitra explains that their target audience includes innovation leads, engineers, and decision-makers looking for IoT solutions. LAIIER’s growth strategy centers around a multifaceted approach to expanding their market presence. By engaging with decision-makers and innovation leads, they cultivate relationships with those seeking pioneering IoT technologies. Their adept use of LinkedIn as a primary B2B channel, alongside exploratory ventures into PPC advertising, has effectively brought in valuable leads. A continuous commitment to refining their website, aligning it with their personas, and leveraging data-driven insights underscores LAIIER’s dedication to optimizing their online presence. In addition to marketing campaigns and social media management, Dimitra and her team regularly collaborate to strategize, adapt, and shape their initiatives in line with their growth objectives.

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