Optimize your Website for Today’s Technology | Interview with Randy Johnston from K2 Enterprises


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The goal is to not feel like you are continuously chasing new-age technology or completely missing out but to rather keep up with the leading edge with continued education. K2 Enterprises provides high-level education for financial and accounting professionals. By working and collaborating with experts in the industry K2 Enterprises is able to produce professional seminars and conferences to ensure the industry is forever learning.

Randy Johnston is the Executive Vice President of K2 Enterprises. Like the company, Randy has the same goal to remain on top of technology. With years of experience, he continues to do so. As his signal goal is to ensure people advance from the benefits of technology he equally wants to do the same for his business. With continuous developments, Randy looks to optimize their website.

Randy aims to optimize the website for SEO and the new algorithms that exist in the digital space. He is working to remain within the cutting-edge of technology to reap the benefits. As their website, like the company, has existed for a few years there is a need to leverage the technology, auto-optimize, and automate digital marketing for those conversions. Randy and K2 Enterprises are continuing to stay current.