The Role of an Optimized Website in Boosting Leads and Conversions | Interview with Gabe Naviasky from FitGrid

The Role of an Optimized Website in Boosting Leads and Conversions Interview with Gabe Naviasky from FitGrid


In the fitness realm, the combination of physical well-being and a strong sense of community holds incredible potential. FitGrid understands the power of community. Gabe Naviasky, Head of Sales, Marketing, RevOps discusses the company’s focus on building strong bonds within the boutique fitness community. FitGrid’s platform facilitates personalization and communication between studio owners, instructors, and clients to enhance community engagement. The company primarily serves the boutique fitness industry, including yoga, Pilates, cycling, and more, catering to both small studios and large enterprise brands. Gabe highlights their client acquisition channels, primarily outbound and referrals, with plans to improve their website to enhance user experience and conversions as Gabe emphasizes the importance of an optimized website in driving leads and conversions. As a leader, Gabe’s day varies, involving tasks related to sales coaching, marketing, data analysis, and cross-functional collaboration. In a rapid-fire segment, Gabe expresses a desire for improved email deliverability to break through spam filters.

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