Unlocking Growth: The Power of ‘Smooth Outbound’ in Building an AI Community | Interview with Remy Thellier from Vectice

Unlocking Growth The Power of 'Smooth Outbound' in Building an AI Community Interview with Remy Thellier from Vectice


In today’s data-driven world, the value of Data Science Management Software and automated documentation cannot be overstated. Vectice is the Auto-Documentation Solution for ML projects and their governance. Remy Thellier, Head of Growth and Strategic Partnerships dicusses their focus on auto-documentation of machine learning projects and their governance, which has become increasingly important due to global regulations in Europe, the US, Canada, India, and elsewhere. Their solution simplifies how data scientists document their work. Remy explains that their main client acquisition channel is ‘smooth outbound’, which involves building a community of AI leaders through special events and having a highly targeted approach. The website’s major strength lies in its credibility and content, showcasing their network and offerings, while the main weakness is the limited focus on inbound marketing, which they plan to address due to the growing demand for compliance solutions in the AI field. As the demand for compliance solutions continues to surge, Vectice’s journey underscores the importance of balancing credibility with inbound marketing to meet the needs of an ever-expanding market.

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