A Proactive Approach to Client Acquisition Through Product-Led Growth | Interview with Garrett Brock from Stukent

A Proactive Approach to Client Acquisition Through Product-Led Growth Interview with Garrett Brock from Stukent (1)


Education is transformative. The quality of and access to resources becomes the key to realizing its potential. Stukent helps educators help students help the world. Garrett Brock, VP of Marketing, dives into this cutting-edge software catering to educators nationwide. Stukent is a digital courseware provider offering textbooks and simulations for business, marketing, accounting, and communication classes in higher education and high schools. Jared emphasizes the unique feature of ‘Simternships’, simulated internships that provide real-world experience to students. The internships, ranging from 6 to 15 rounds, allow students to practice and apply concepts learned in the digital textbooks. Stukent’s client acquisition strategy centers on a proactive approach, leveraging a freemium model to grant educators free access and encourage hands-on exploration of their digital courseware. The effectiveness of Stukent’s platform is showcased through product-led growth efforts like demos and walkthroughs, resulting in high conversion rates. While recognizing areas for improvement, particularly in web-based expertise and content marketing to enhance brand awareness among the niche audience. The company’s website is commended for its singular focus on guiding educators to actionable points. Stukent remains dedicated to refining its online presence and creating targeted content to enhance brand awareness and extend its impact in the education sector.

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