Produce Diversified Experiences to Attract the Precise Persona | Interview with Mark Kapczynski from Gooten


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Giving and receiving gifts is an important and valuable part of any human interaction. An opportunity to share and strengthen bonds can provide great psychological gains. A new trend in the market is personalized gifts with unique images printed on various day-to-day items. From blankets to cushions to mugs to simple framed images, they are taking over our birthdays and Christmases. To get these one-of-kind items those designers and businesses require reliable and high-end manufacturers who take care of each item. Gooten offers a transformational approach to on-demand printing.

With infinite products that can be adapted to various combinations and are fully customizable, Gooten’s clients are raving about their experience and the receiver is heart-warmed with their latest gift. We spoke to Mark Kapczynski who discussed the clients and the journey they take to discover Gooten. As the CEO, he is working towards an improved website to produce diversified experiences to attract enterprises that require printing in large numbers as Gooten is ready for anything with their capacity.

Mark discusses that there are more challenging layers in the buyer journey when attempting to attract larger brands. As they combine various forms of outreach in combination with their social media funnel the end goal is to offer clear messaging on their website. The team is working to produce diversified experiences that lead to those all-important conversions so that you can be the receiver of that distinctive gift.