Create a Relevant User Experience throughout the Marketing Funnel | Interview with Guillaume Cabane from Hypergrowth Partners


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“…rapidly rising companies have astonished the global public with their ability to expand and scale at a pace that was previously unknown. From this phenomenon, the term “hypergrowth” was coined.” Hypergrowth is a common experience within young markets and start-ups, however, it is a make-or-break scenario. As companies scale these rough seas, Hypergrowth Partners offers a lifebuoy as your partner and advisor.

We spoke to the passionate co-founder, Guillaume Cabane who simply wants to gather the expertise in this world and assist companies with hypergrowth and hyper scaling. With his experience, he offers Pathmonk listeners essential advice on the value of the customer and their importance in this phase of any business. By creating a relevant and appropriate user experience that matches the persona’s needs throughout the entire buying journey you can optimize your conversions.

Guillaume encourages businesses growing to avoid a user losing their way within the funnel. If a prospect shows interest in a specific solution be sure to offer that solution in all your forms of communication and content. Therefore they receive an excellent user experience and maintain interest throughout the marketing funnel towards a conversion. Listen in and hold onto the lifebuoy for a ride of powerful insights and hyper grow your knowledge.