Social Media Intelligence for Optimal Marketing Growth | Interview with James Creech from Measure Studio


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There is no doubt that social media is a common and critical marketing channel to grow and expose our businesses. With an average of 153 minutes spent on social media, there is a high probability of showcasing your brand and increasing audience growth. With ever-growing opportunities, there are still challenges around gathering and understanding the data. Measure Studio noted the gap in this expanding market. They have designed a platform for in-depth social media analytics.

You can easily see, in a visually appealing and immediate format, how each post is performing. With automated benchmarks, the process is simplified and functional. The co-founder, James Creech continues to address the pain points of prospects in order to generate leads and improve social media intelligence. As they practice what they preach Measure Studio implements their own social media intelligence to drive their audience to their attractive and simple website.

As all marketing channels lead to the website James prioritizes it as their primary destination for client acquisition. With clear product breakdowns, free and simple trial sign up and an advantageous value proposition prospects are quickly lead down the marketing funnel. As James hopes to publish more case studies to further promote trust the team is always there to continue perfecting social media intelligence from solopreneurs to large publishers.