Stay Omni-present to Drive Intent-based Traffic | Interview with Hayden Colson from Omnichain


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You may have noted a recurring word in our above title: ‘Omni’, however, there is always a reason. As your brand increases in popularity and continues to expand and grow, so too does the demand for your product or service. There is ultimately an increase in the support you require from your suppliers. Omnichain offers an integrated supply chain planning and execution platform. Powered by AI you can drive predictive and descriptive analytics suited to your supply chain functions.

We spoke to the marketing manager, Hayden Colson, who has been a part of developing and growing Omnichain’s marketing presence and strategies. He enjoys our common word of the day, Omni, as his client acquisition channel focuses on being Omni-present while using Omni-channels. Hayden is focused on driving intent-based traffic through digital channels. With this focus on being Omni-present, the team has noted a rise in organic traffic.

In order to generate intent-based traffic, Hayden works to drive demand for demo requests. This demo-request focus allows for a more aligned and successful increase in conversions as this encourages prospects that have a desire to buy. By being Omni-present, using Omni-channels, and focusing on an intent-based conversion goal Omnichain is growing and expanding.