Mastering the Art of Websites: Strategies for Attracting and Converting Visitors | Interview with Mike Wille from Marq

Mastering the Art of Websites Strategies for Attracting and Converting Visitors Interview with Mike Wille from Marq


In today’s competitive business landscape, the significance of crafting content, designs, and ideas that blend seamlessly with your company’s brand identity cannot be overstated. Marq empowers everyone within your organization to build on-brand. Mike Wille, Head of Growth explains that Marq allows users to create and personalize branded content, ensuring consistency in logos and colors. Marq serves a wide range of clients, from small teams to large enterprises. The primary client acquisition channels include organic traffic, driven by a well-optimized website, complemented by word of mouth, underlining the significance of a positive customer experience. Mike shares valuable insights on effective website strategies, highlighting their dual role in attracting and converting visitors. He emphasizes the importance of conveying essential information within the first few seconds of a visitor’s arrival, following the AIDA framework, and adapting to the evolving competitive landscape by offering more comprehensive and interactive content.

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Growth Marketers in the show focus mostly on one of the three big problems. Increasing the amount of leads, reducing the customer acquisition cost or improving the lead quality – that’s why they are in growth at the first place. Reports from Gartner & real experience from our guests show that >70% of the buying journey is happening online while the competition for leads online is increasing.

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