Streamline the Buying Experience & Augment Trust | Interview with Daren Klum from Secured2


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As we continue to venture higher and higher in the digital age, literally to the cloud, one has to consider their security. As technology grows and genius minds expand we have to protect our data. Secured2 has taken the step to note the risks of encrypted systems as quantum computing grows in threat. They are the first to have developed, vetted, and proven commercially available quantum-safe security. Personally, these phrases and the simple word ‘quantum’ are overwhelming, however, we have been reassured by Daren Kulm, the founder.

Daren puts it simply and noted that it is a non-math-based system, but rather a tool that combines cloud storage, collaboration, and communication all with the added bonus of securing your data. We were engrossed hearing about Secured2’s marketing strategies and growth initiatives. Although they are eager to continue to streamline the buying experience with automation, Daren reiterates the importance of the human touch in order to build trust.

As their website aims to put complete control into the customer’s hand with automated processes, the team at Secured2 will continue to augment trust and build relationships with their clients. While they streamline the buying experience to increase leads they are hoping to be revolutionary in their content in the chaos of mass media and stand out.