Optimizing Your Website: Streamlining Message Delivery for Maximum Impact | Interview with Dave Shillingford from RightMarket

Optimizing Your Website Streamlining Message Delivery for Maximum Impact Interview with Dave Shillingford from RightMarket


In today’s fast-paced marketing landscape, maintaining a cohesive brand image isn’t just about consistency; it’s a strategic shortcut to saving valuable time for your marketing team. RightMarket helps you do just that. Dave Shillingford, Brand Strategist at RightMarket joins us to discuss their solution, which he describes as “Canva for businesses serious about brand.” RightMarket provides an easy-to-use template system that ensures brand consistency across all organizational artwork. Dave explains that their ideal clients are organizations with limited marketing or artwork resources centrally but have a network of locations or departments frequently needing on-brand artwork. Their growth has been largely organic, with referrals driving their business, particularly from the charity sector. Dave highlights the importance of evolving their website to execute message delivery more efficiently to their target audience. He also discusses his role as a brand strategist and their approach to growing their social footprint on platforms like LinkedIn, aiming to offer marketing teams a better way to manage their artwork needs and become more proactive in their marketing efforts.

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