Unlocking Strategic Digital Growth and Lead Generation | Diksha Gupta from Wildnet Technologies



Discover how Diksha Gupta from Wildnet Technologies drives remarkable business growth through expert PPC, paid social, and other digital marketing strategies

In this episode, she shares her insights on lead generation, website optimization, and AI-driven marketing, providing valuable tips to help businesses and digital agencies succeed in the competitive digital landscape. 

Tune in to learn how Wildnet Technologies partners with clients worldwide to deliver innovative and effective digital marketing solutions.

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Ernesto Quezada: Welcome to Pathmonk Presents, the place where business owners and marketers share their insights on digital growth. In every episode, we discuss real strategies, why they worked, and also why they didn’t. Get insights from real experiences and save yourself a whole lot of time and money. Let’s get to it right now!

Before we get started with today’s episode, let’s have a quick look at what Pathmonk is all about. If you are winning leads, demos, or sales through your website, then Pathmonk might be interesting for you. Pathmonk is an extension to your website. It watches each visitor as they’re moving through your page and builds up their interest in your product or service in real time to deliver a great uplift in conversions from your website.

Usually, the buying journey can be divided into stages: awareness, consideration, and decision-making. Pathmonk figures out in which stage a given visitor is by watching every action that they do on the website and provides them with micro experiences such as notifications, case studies, and introduction videos, helping them move to the next stage in the buying journey towards a conversion.

Welcome to today’s episode. Let’s talk about today’s guest. We have Diksha from Wildnet Technologies. How are you doing today?

Diksha Gupta: Hi, I’m doing great. How about you?

Ernesto: I’m doing great. Thank you so much for asking. Well, I’m excited to learn a little bit more about Wildnet Technologies. So, let’s kick it off with that. In your own words, can you tell us a little bit more?

Diksha: Sure. So, Wildnet Technologies is a digital agency. We have different departments, we work majorly in PPC, paid ads, paid social, and paid search. Apart from that, we have other departments that deal with development, website development, app development, etc., as well as SEO. We are majorly a whitelisting agency. We help other agencies located in the US, UK, Canada, and across the globe by providing them with skillful resources. So that’s what we do.

Ernesto: Perfect. Is there a certain vertical segment or an ideal ICP for you guys?

Diksha: We do a great job in PPC, paid search, and paid social ads.

Ernesto: But is there a particular type of client you prefer working with?

Diksha: We generally work with agencies, no matter which segment they are in. Mid-scale agencies and large-scale agencies are our main clients.

Ernesto: Ok, perfect. How do these agencies usually find out about you guys? Is there a top client acquisition channel for you?

Diksha: We have both inbound and outbound systems in place. We’ve been in the industry since 2010, so we have strong networking. We go to the headquarters in the US and UK to meet and build great bonds with them. That’s how we get good leads. We also have a proper SEO outreach system set up for email marketing and LinkedIn outreach. Apart from that, our website is very mature and plays a major role in our lead generation.

Ernesto: Awesome. For our listeners who want to visit you, they can check out wildnettechnologies.com. What role does the website play for client acquisition?

Diksha: In the 21st century, a website is very important. It plays a major role by acting as a complete salesperson with all the necessary information to acquire any client. It significantly reduces our salespersons’ job.

Ernesto: Are there any tools or tips or methods you would recommend to our listeners regarding website lead generation?

Diksha: For website lead generation, it’s very important to have a very clean website with all the information segmented into small sections. That’s crucial.

Ernesto: Definitely, I agree with that. What about yourself, Diksha? What are some of your day-to-day tasks at the company?

Diksha: I’m a passionate marketer. Though I’m a senior manager, my main job is to manage my team of 10 to 15 people. I love to delve into the accounts, ranging from $8000 per month to $1 million per month, helping my team analyze and strategize to get the best performance. I ensure that our team is bonded enough, as we work remotely, and everyone has the support of others. I also read a lot of newsletters to stay updated.

Ernesto: What is the last book that you read?

Diksha: I’m not much of a book fan, but I recently started reading “$100M Offers” by Alex Hormozi because it talks about customizing offers, which is very important for a marketer. I recommend it to all marketers and my team members. But I’m more of a newsletter reader.

Ernesto: Next, if there would be no boundaries in technology, what would be the one thing you would like to have fixed for your role as a marketer today?

Diksha: That’s a very interesting question. If there were no restrictions, I would love a small device we could put in our brains to get all the updates every day without having to research a lot for digital marketing techniques and new tools. It would be great to stay updated effortlessly.

Ernesto: If there is one repetitive task that you could automate, what would that be?

Diksha: I would love to automate the research system. Sometimes research is very extensive, and even though we have tools, manual research is still mandatory. If we had a better automated system where all the research is compiled into one file, it would be great.

Ernesto: Lastly, you have a lot of experience in the marketing world. What is one piece of advice you would give yourself if you were to restart your journey as a marketer today?

Diksha: I have been a passionate marketer since childhood. When I used to go to supermarkets, I would notice where products were placed and why. My brain worked as a marketer since then. But I wish I had started my professional journey a little sooner.

Ernesto: Great advice, Diksha. We are coming to the end of the show, but before we end, I want to give you the last word. If our listeners forget everything about the interview today, what is the one thing they should remember about your company?

Diksha: They should remember that our performances are the best. If anyone hires Wildnet Technologies, we provide the best service. We’ve been in business for nearly 20 years and have never had a dissatisfied client.

Ernesto: Great to hear. Thank you so much for being on. To our listeners, thank you for tuning in. I’m looking forward to our next episode of Pathmonk Presents. Thanks a lot, Diksha.

Diksha: Thank you so much.