Utilize Data to Identify Traffic with High-Buying Intent | Interview with Ben Martinez from Ramp Talent


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A great team is made up of great individuals. In order to find the ideal candidate, it can take time, money, and effort. Yet, it is always worth that push when you have discovered the ultimate talent and developed your super-team. We spoke to a founder who is well versed in this topic. Ben Martinez is the founder of Ramp Talent that specializes in recruiting and HR for start-ups and tech companies in a high-growth phase.

As it states in their name they are there to ramp up the process and streamline the challenges that accompany this inevitable part of any growing business. As Ramp Talent is well equipped in their own team, we were eager to hear about their client acquisition and lead generation. Their biggest focus at the moment is assessing the data to identify traffic with high-buying intent. Where are web visitors in the conversion funnel? Are those prospects ready for them?

With a simple website, Ramp Talent validates its advantages and success with case studies and clear messaging. With the satisfaction of their well-developed team, their expertise in recruitment, and their effortless website, the focus turns to data and analytics. In order to generate those all-important leads, Ben directs his efforts to identifying traffic with high-buying intent.