Why High-Quality and Detailed Information is Powerful | Interview with Kenneth Balog from CloudQnect


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Many of us are familiar with the infamous CRM platform, Salesforce. Beyond that, we are familiar with their partners known for Salesforce management. However, it is often that which we don’t see, that provides the most value. CloudQnect is the behind the scenes operators working to maximize, manage and develop your Salesforce integration.  All you need is high-quality and detailed information.

Kenneth Balog of CloudQnect mentions proudly the team’s ability to listen and work with their clients. They want to understand and work closely with you in order to achieve your goals. But, they are sure to never leave you hanging as they educate your team during the process and distribute the knowledge. After all, sharing is caring. Another great tool to optimize the buying journey.

Although many of their clients are gained from referrals and word of mouth within the industry, they can’t help but notice the value and role of their website. They have been sure to provide various forms of education from case studies to blogs; high-quality and detailed information is their passion. You hopefully won’t leave the page lacking any knowledge. However, as they provide all the information, CloudQnect is now looking for a bit more information for themselves. Where are their potential customers in the buying journey? Perhaps Pathmonk may be of assistance?