Examine Your Website Through the Eyes of a Potential Customer | Interview with Aaron Welch from Lift Digital Marketing


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As soon as we started talking to the managing partner of Lift Digital Marketing, Aaron Welch, we knew we had an instant connection. Our eyes lit up and our stomachs filled with butterflies as we heard some of our favorite words ‘optimize lead qualification’. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? The perfect meet-cute. Lift Digital Marketing is a full suite of digital marketing expertise focused on the growth and generation of new leads for your business.

They have you covered from social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, reporting, and analytics to web design and web development. They are offering everything a romantic encounter should. In order to qualify and gain clients, they look at their website through the eyes of a potential customer. Aaron understands his website is a living breathing thing that requires attention and upkeep, often growing and changing.

They provide content filled with depth as they offer their website as a perfect resource for information. Aaron wants security in engaging a potential customer by knowing what their pain points and goals are. As Pathmonk is ready to offer insights and analytics so too is Lift Digital Marketing. Dreams can come true.