5 Steps to Persona-Based Inbound Marketing I Interview with Dale Cree from 3EN


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As Europe’s most qualified NetSuite partner, our guest today is the team you want to solve your problems. 3EN builds solutions to plug the gap in your business. As is their slogan; enable, enhance and engage, ultimately working to improve delivery, scope, time, scale, and budget. They have your solution.

3EN are their team and they thrive on the diversity of their team when it comes to client acquisition. Dale Cree agrees the Jackson 5 put it best ‘ABC is easy as 123’. That’s their focus when it comes to their sales and marketing team; Attitude, Behaviour, and Culture. With this approach, they can use persona-based marketing to grow their customer base. Simply, they know you, and they want to know you. Not just your work life but your personal life, using your persona to solve your problem and matching it to your market.

The personalization of a buying journey can be so beneficial to the growth of your company. Understanding and using persona-based marketing creates an ever-lasting and equally beneficial experience for all.