Adapting Your Digital Marketing to a Traditional Audience | Interview with Kingsly Kwalar from Optimiz


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Be wise and optimize! I mean we are probably a little too familiar with the actual word in that phrase but we think this is better suited to Pathmonk and our guest today. Optimiz is the industry’s first all-in-one platform for cargo claims resolution. Their platform and solutions bring cargo owners, cargo insurers, and cargo carriers together to achieve unprecedented speed and accuracy in the cargo claims arena.

To delve deeper into this industry and how they operate in this traditional space, is Kingsly Kwalar. Kingsly has been eager to move growth to the digital marketing world, even more so during the pandemic. However, this industry is typically more traditional with business often being conducted face-to-face. With the expectation of a quality experience, Optimiz needs to cater to these digital buyers with services that educate, guide, and understand their buyer’s needs.

Kingsly is working to understand these buyers and adapt their digital marketing. With a focus on targeted and educational content, the team has been able to draw quality leads to their website and further engage their audience with a little touch of Pathmonk.