Are you Appropriately Qualifying Your Prospects? | Interview with Laura Meyer from Envision Horizons


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Closing sales and onboarding new clients are often viewed as the most important steps in any sales cycle. However, capturing a visitor, the right visitor during the awareness stage is equally vital to an overall successful closing deal. Connecting with and qualifying your prospects for your service allows for success and a more streamlined process in securing business.

Envision Horizons has done just that. Laura Meyer, the CEO, and founder joined us today. Envision Horizons is a leading eCommerce agency specializing in Amazon and Walmart. Their team of experts combines strategy, creativity, and proprietary technology to optimize all of the moving parts needed to scale clients’ profitability and market share. Envision Horizons offers free 1 year audits to potential clients but this requires them to qualify prospects.

With a simple micro-experience incorporated into their awareness stage prospects can answer questions to assist the qualification process. Laura and her team have worked to optimize their landing page to educate their audience and highlight their value proposition. With their landing page, in combination with their qualification tool, they are able to target the perfect clients. Are you Appropriately Qualifying Your Prospects?