Are You Offering Your Users a Personalized Experience? | Interview with Margaret Henney from Covideo


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I think we can all agree that face-to-face sales offer us more opportunities to connect with a prospect and understand their behavior in order to encourage a conversion. B2B buyers naturally expect to receive the same thorough customer service in the digital space as they do in face-to-face sales interactions. With the expectation of a quality experience, businesses need to cater to these digital buyers with services that educate, guide and understand the buyer’s needs.

Covideo offers a unique solution that encourages personalization and interaction, reimagining how we communicate with video email and messaging. You can Record high-impact, low-effort video emails and texts that are super simple, and far from ordinary. Offering your users a more engaging and personalized experience can encourage lead generation, highlights the director, Margaret Henney.

Margaret continues to look for a more personalized experience for their own prospects by focusing on nurturing users through the journey and working to understand their needs and answer their questions. Rather than providing a generic experience businesses can incorporate website and content personalization tailored to their needs and desires.