Clearly Articulate Your Story on Resonating Landing Pages | Interview with Simon Hjorth from OneAffiniti


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Making brands memorable is becoming more challenging as users want to be quickly impressed in the fast-paced digital world. Naturally, we revert to statistics and life-changing features that can be simply boring or overwhelming. Storytelling is becoming a more impactful way to maintain your visitors’ interest and ultimately promote memorability.

Simon Hjorth, COO of OneAffiniti is working to clearly articulate their story on resonating landing pages. OneAffiniti offers a service-enabled technology platform to create customized, scalable through-channel marketing programs. As they amplify growth for both brands and partners OneAffiniti wants to showcase their advantages through stories.

Their content is written from the perspective of a client to encourage easier understanding and a quicker connection to their solution. As users are directed through Resonating Landing Pages the OneAffiniti team aims to continue to refine and provide clear and actionable messaging.

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