Automate Marketing Strategies to Gain Relevant Opportunities | Interview with Paul Davidescu and Santiago Orozco from Tangoo


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The buzzword ‘digital transformation’ has become increasingly popular in today’s age of business growth. Perhaps so popular that it has begun to lose the true meaning, confusing the main objectives. Speaking to Paul Davidescu and Santiago Orozco, who head the team at Tangoo, they were eager to share the core of this type of business transformation in terms of marketing. As companies work to take traditional sales and marketing strategies to a successful space. the Tangoo team are there to build your connections.

To gain those relevant, high-quality opportunities businesses can automate marketing strategies for focused targeting. Paul discusses the importance of executing the foundations of your brand before you automate marketing strategies with various tools, while, Santiago draws attention to the relationship with a customer and the nurturing process of building trust. The team at Tangoo are there to build a system while leveraging your brand identity.

While digital transformation becomes less of a transformation and more of a reality, businesses need to do this process responsibly and advantageously, rather than ticking the box. Audiences seek value and relationships with brands. Paul and Santiago, with their team, are there to support you while you automate marketing strategies for successful conversions and sales conversations.