Base Website Content on Customer Conversations | Interview with Lars Lauridsen from AskCody

Base Website Content on Customer Conversations Interview with Lars Lauridsen from AskCody


It is so easy to disconnect from our customers. With our online buying journeys, we often forget to have real conversations with our audience. These conversations are vital to truly understanding your buyer. Sitting down and asking customers questions and getting down to their pain points should be the foundation of your website content.

Working to connect with customers and ensure their solution addresses users’ pain points is the marketing director of AskCody, Lars Lauridsen. AskCody is a meeting management platform built to make meeting management streamlined and simple. Online meetings and in-person meetings during the pandemic have added additional challenges, so AskCody is here to make this not-so-fun process more efficient.

Lars opens up about their growth channels and buying journey for their Enterprise clients. As a website should be structured as a 24h sales representative, Lars is highly focused on the website content. By having these conversations and analyzing a customer’s journey and experience the team can work to tailor a purpose-built website.

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