Be Consistently Visible to the Right Customers | Interview with Dean Seddon from Maverrik


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There is always the willingness to grow your business, expand and increase revenue, yet the idea is not always fulfilled. With limited resources, from budget to time, the dream may feel too hard to reach. Perhaps, Maverrik is your fairy godmother, waiting in anticipation to sprinkle some magic and get you your prince charming, excuse me, get you more customers. No matter what ugly stepsister is in your way they aim to achieve your goals no matter the parameters.

Dean Seddon, the founder, painted an excellent picture of what the business does to gain their own customers. They are not only consistently visible in the same spaces that their customers are, but they balance their marketing for different audiences. While their website attracts large enterprises their social media engages start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Maverrik embraces some of the human senses to create high-quality leads. As they are consistently visible, this allows potential customers to see their business regularly; from here they get a taste for the business through their content, of course, showcasing all the employees’ quirks. The result is higher conversions. With a balance and direction for targeting specific audiences, they get the right people and find their many Prince Charmings. Perhaps not gaining a lot of traffic but they are gaining the right traffic.