Exhibit Case Studies to Develop Trust in the Consideration Stage | Interview with Cristiano Winckler from Somebody Digital


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The value of spending resources on marketing is to expand your business with leading clients that equate to a return on your investment and a rewarding profit. This environment is dominated by pressures and challenges as marketers navigate the digital space to increase sales and continue to generate leads. Somebody Digital is a performance-focused digital marketing agency. They help their clients achieve their goals through a data-driven, results-based methodology.

Cristiano Winckler, the head of digital and performance marketing, highlighted that Somebody Digital is there to operate as an extension of your team, adding value and increasing opportunities. Naturally, we were eager to hear how these experts market themselves in a competitive landscape. As they focus on expanding their brand in the digital space, the team is working to execute and optimize case studies and testimonials.

As potential customers navigate and consider Somebody Digital’s programs and solutions there is an opportunity to gain trust and acquire their business by exhibiting well-displayed case studies. Many of us analyze reviews and testimonials before a final purchase decision, ultimately there is nothing more valuable than in-depth case studies and real-life examples to sway our pockets to the decision stage.