Converting & Supporting Prospects in a Complex Buying Journey | Interview with Johannes Humbert from Tetrel

Converting & Supporting Prospects in a Complex Buying Journey Interview with Johannes Humbert from Tetrel


Artificial Intelligence is a pretty popular topic. With buzzwords increasing and companies adding it to their ‘must-haves’ there is a need to understand it a bit more. More and more companies talk about integrating AI to increase automation, yet very few do, as the complex topic impacts prospects retention. Tetrel is making Artificial Intelligence easier to use for businesses. By identifying strategic use cases for Artificial Intelligence and evaluating them the team turns them into productive solutions.

Chief Commercial Officer, Johannes Humbert, discusses growth in their business and the challenges of converting and supporting prospects in a complex buying journey. With a topic holding so much information and use cases, Johannes discusses the importance of being present in the space your audience is researching, to be a source of information as a form of supporting the prospect.

Serving enterprises comes with serving more than one prospect. There are many decision-makers involved with much research and analysis to be done. Johannes continues to optimize with SEO, impactful content, networks, and use cases in order to convert and support those in the complex buying journey. He also offers a great tip into; let’s say a unique way, of consuming podcasts.

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