Have Targeted & Customized Website Experiences for Each Persona | Interview with Tom Shapiro from Stratabeat

Have Targeted & Customized Website Experiences for Each Persona Interview with Tom Shapiro from Stratabeat


One of our favorite questions to ask our guests is; ‘if there were no boundaries in technology, what is one thing you would change for your company today?’ Today Tom Shapiro gave a perfect answer ‘We would pay a lot of money to see everyone on our website’. I mean, we’re always here Tom, ready to give you those insights. Tom is the CEO of the web design and digital marketing agency, Stratabeat.

The team generates powerful results for your business through the combination of science and extreme creativity, focusing on neuroscience, psychology, and behavioral science. While generating powerful results for their clients Tom wants to generate powerful leads. As we all tweak and optimize our websites Tom is focusing on creating targeted and customized website experiences for the different industry visitors.

Each persona has different needs and meets the website at different stages in the buying journey. By building out and developing their channels and focusing on content that matches the buying journey Tom hopes to create targeted and customized website experiences. Learn about his perspective on growth and the common marketing challenges of today.

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