Do You Analyze the Way Customers Use Your Website? | Interview with Johannes Burgard from Solytic


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At this point, we should all be desperately aware of the need for renewable and sustainable energy resources that can carry humanity into the future. We are quickly losing life as we know it, as the years of environmental damage have finally caught up with us. However, there is hope with the rise of the Cleantech industry. Solytic is an innovator team, pushing the boundaries in this revolution. They believe in a green sustainable future, where solar systems are a key source for energy production.

A co-founder of this data-driven ecosystem is Johannes Burgard. Johannes discusses their transparent content as a contributor to their growth. As they continue to analyze the way customers use their website the team generates content that is important to their visitors, ensuring their questions are answered. As an innovative business, continuously starting conversations with the right people, their brand was quickly defined.

Solytic’s website has been updated and optimized to guide its visitors through a transparent and educating user experience. With heightened interest in solar systems, Solytic has taken time to analyze the way customers use the website, absorb information, and transition through the funnel in order to provide that optimized user experience. As we should all be contributing to sustainable energy solutions for the guarantee of our future, Solytic aims to ensure the process is decentralized and streamlined, as more people embrace this source.