Drive and Generate Leads with Rich Marketing Content | Interview with Bernie Borges from Vengreso


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‘Hello’ is the simplest, yet most effective way to start a conversation. This uncomplicated step could be the beginning of an advantageous relationship. Sales professionals know what I’m talking about. Every business needs a strong sales team and in order to adapt to the digital age and the modern buyer, sometimes a little bit of training is required.  Don’t roll your eyes, we know you are resistant to training but Vengreso offers an education that is palatable and engaging.

Vengreso is an award-winning sales transformation company, with blended learning experiences. They will teach your sales team to find, engage and connect with future prospects and get you your ‘hellos’ with digital prospecting. How does a company that educates the sales market generate its own leads? Through rich marketing content. They are active on the speaking circuit and utilize social media in all its spheres.

With their strong branding and messaging and high-quality content, they get the right people to their site. Their website is well optimized and filled with diverse and rich marketing content, which attracts relevant traffic. The next step for Vengreso is to experiment with personalization to increase that conversation rate even more. Bernie Borges, a co-founder, is hungry to transform your sales team and get your attention.